The Abundance Leadership

About Us

We are connectingcreative solutions individuals, institutions, industries for achieving and attaining the Abundance & Happiness Mindset, by creating ‘The Centre of Excellence for Holistic Well-Being’ for living and leading meaningful life.

Our Mission

To Create, Operate, Educate members through our abundance tips, happiness triggers, self-discovery tools, self-transformation techniques, practical framework and applied tasks to realize and release their pure potential possibilities of attaining BLISS.

Our Vision

To co-create a 360° Evolutionary Life Long Learning Abundance & Happiness Ecosystem for (w)Holistic Well-Being of Individuals and Institutions for their Continuous Personal Growth and Sustainable Professional Development while living, loving, laughing and leading their meaningful life.

Tips, Triggers & Techniques for Being Abundant

The Abundance Elements

Be Natural | Abundance Tips#14

BE NATURAL | Abundance Tip #14

The Nature exists in perfect Harmony with everything. All its elements are in synchronicity. . The CircleX is focusing on this precious dimension and created a specific domain for Nature …

The AbundanceTip-13 Mind Matters

MIND MATTERS | Abundance Tip #13

AbundanceTip#13 | Everything BEGINS and ENDS with your MIND. JUST CONVINCE YOUR MIND – OUR BODY FOLLOWS IT. What you give power has power over you. It is not mind …