Abundance Elements: The Triggers


A stimulus that impacts our thoughts, feelings and actions is a “TRIGGER”. It can be both positive and negative and has infinite potential to Spark a Positive Change in our life.

The Triggers for Abundance & Happiness in Life

The SOUL’s Whispers

A trigger is a mental, emotional or a physical stimulus that alter the state of being. It impacts our thoughts, emotions and actions, both positively and negatively.

It has INFINITE POTENTIAL, direct and indirect influence and inherit possibilities to SHIFT our mindset, change our flow of life, in a subtle, sometimes sudden and shocking way.

These TRIGGERS can be raised wither by recall of an event, experience related to some past instance, a pleasant or tragic moment in our life, a person or just listening to some words, smelling a peculiar fragrance,

As it has infinite potential, in different potency or degree of influence, it either elevates our ambitions or drain our energies, rejuvenate the joy, happiness, love or empathy in us or evoke anger, frustration, sadness or feeling of rejection, anxiety in us, coaxing us to behave or react in a certain pre-defined, pre-programmed way.

The PURPOSE of ABUNDANCE & HAPPINESS TRIGGERS at CIRCLEX is to enable participants to GET AWARE of these conscious , unconscious or sub-conscious behaviour patterns and CHANGE them by CHOICE and CLARITY.

The Abundance Journey is the process of getting such triggers, get aware of their impact on our thoughts and feelings, our default behaviour / habitual pattern and apply the CHOICE – the choice to Reject the Trigger or Embrace it.

The Abundance & Happiness Triggers serves us and strengthen our pure potential possibilities for ‘Experiencing & Expressing‘ our Excellence, exponentially. That’s the way to B.L.I.S.S – The Supreme Abundance & Happiness for Meaningful Life & Work too.

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