ACT | Abundance Tip#1

The first thing and the most important in life is to ACT.

The important point is behind our action there are thoughts and feelings.

If we are consciously aware of them and accept them before taking our actions, our action will yield better outcomes. If we go by our old patterns and react to any situation, person or any feeling that indicates that we are not accepting them and trying to avoid them or ignore them. It also indicates that we are living unconsciously like a puppet or a toy, where our remote control is in someones hand and they can manipulate us, as and when they want, the way they want.

When we know and learn to live consciously in the present moment, practicing Mindfulness, and align our thoughts, feelings and actions towards our desired goal, the choice we made, we move forward, we start moving towards our centre – the Abundance Point.

ACT | Abundance Tip#1
ACT | Abundance Tip#1

The important and critical part is the UNDERSTANDING behind our actions. If we have no expectations, and as we are doing the actions without harming anyone, without damaging environment, and doing it joyfully, because we have consciously chosen to perform it in a way, we start enjoying the process and the doing itself transform the actions to positive joyful and meaningful experience. The action becomes our Soul’s Expression and The Happiness Happens

Take the First Step of your Abundance Journey. Friends, Time is right for taking action and start moving towards our life’s ultimate goal – Abundance and Happiness.

THINK: Ask Yourself

  • Am I Aware of my Thoughts and Actions?
  • Am I Accepting the Feelings accompanied by those thoughts?
  • Am I taking appropriate Actions at right time.
  • Are my actions moving me in the desired direction towards my centre – The Abundance Point


Be Abundant
Be Happy Always
Be You

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Join the Abundance Journey today.

Share it in your time line, groups and Accelerate your Abundance journey.

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