Be Natural | Abundance Tips#14

BE NATURAL | Abundance Tip #14

The Nature exists in perfect Harmony with everything. All its elements are in synchronicity. .

The CircleX is focusing on this precious dimension and created a specific domain for Nature & Environment. The intention is to raise the Natural Quotient and be consciously aware for protecting the natural habitat and amazing ecosystem and follow the natural laws to connect with our own Abundance & Happiness.

The AbundanceTip-13 Mind Matters

MIND MATTERS | Abundance Tip #13

AbundanceTip#13 | Everything BEGINS and ENDS with your MIND. JUST CONVINCE YOUR MIND – OUR BODY FOLLOWS IT. What you give power has power over you. It is not mind …

LOVE | The Abundance Tip#12 Take Care of your Self, Love your Self First

LOVE | The Abundance Tip#12

We don’t know how to love,we only know how to think about love. J Krishnamurti Start with your ‘Self’ Love – the supreme form of Self-Care When we’re in a …

Kindness | Abundance Tip#11 Keep Doing Small Acts of Kindness.

KINDNESS | Abundance Tip #11

Small Acts of Kindness are a great way to help others while also helping yourself. Being kind and doing good deeds increases your empathy and interconnection with others, making you feel happier.

JOY | Enjoy Life's Journey. Abundance Tip #10

JOY | Abundance Tip#10

Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Joyful Journey, Every Step, Every Moment of it. Try to Get Better, Healthier, Happier, and Harmonious during the way.

Don’t Loose the PASSION, the Meaning of Life and Work. Love What You Do and Do it with Love. Experience the Joy of doing new things. Express your JOY openly, inspire others to BE IN JOY. Help them Enjoy.

Follow Your Instincts, Intuitions are more powerful than your knowledge. Abundance Tip #9

INSTINCTS | Abundance Tip #9

Trust your intuitions more, they never misguide you. They are the reliable inner voice, the whispers of your ‘Higher Self”.Let your ‘Higher Self’ lead your Life & Work. The SOURCE, …

Happiness | Abundance Tip#8

HAPPINESS | Abundance Tip#8

Three things impact and define our life: #Thoughts, #Feelings and #Actions. Be Happy Always. Happiness is the Ultimate Purpose of Life.

GRATITUDE | Abundance Tip #7

GRATITUDE | Abundance Tip#7

An Attitude of Gratitude can TRANSFORM your LIFE. It helps you to observe (see) what is there, instead of what isn’t. It opens the doors of your inner power, the …

FAITH | Abundance Tip#6

FAITH | Abundance Tip#6

Faith is not only a principle element of action, but it is also a principle of power. Our faith in our intentions, our pure ‘Self’ – the Source, leads to righteous action. In turn, our righteous actions increase our spiritual capacity and enhance Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and our spiritual power. #TheAbundanceCircle