What is Abundance??

Know more about 'The Abundance', and its importance in life and workplace.

Why Abundance is important for Life and Work??

Know the basics impact of Abundance in our work and life.

What is Abundance Point??

The point to initiate the process of Abundance & Happiness in life & work.

Why to take the Abundance Journey??

The importance of Abundance Journey and its benefits for life & work

How to prepare ourselves for starting ‘The Abundance Journey’??

Know what all is required before we start the ultimate journey

How to take ‘The First Step’??

when is the right time for taking the first step

What is the role of Abundance co-travelers??

Why it is important to work in groups and share our experiences

How much time is required to complete the Journey??

The process of completion

What happens when we reach ‘The Abundance Point’??

What Next? What will happen and what we do after that?
The Mindset – The Reference Point of our Life

Great hope you have completed the task and ready to go further. 

The Way we CHOOSE to see the world creates the world we see.

Isn’t It! We create our own realities.  A learners with worldly outlook Abundance simply means having more than enough of everything they want all the time. Those with spiritual mindset finds meaning of abundance as that of your higher self (that what you really are) which is intricately connected to the abundant universe which is the Source if everything that exists or you may desire from the existence.

There is a small anecdote which my mother use to share with us is that
‘if you ask a hungry man What is 2 + 2? he will simply answer 4 rotis (4 breads).

For him the whole attention is to satisfy the hunger first. His context and the centre of focus of thoughts and action will be to get food first to set the feeling of hunger to rest.

We THINK that we SEE the external world as it is, when in fact we see the world as we are internally. The colour of lens on our mind’s eye project the color of things in front of us.

What is the colour of your Mind’s lens?
Where are you Focusing at?
What is your Reference Point – the context in the present moment?


  • THINK all the points mentioned above.
  • Be in the AWARENESS of your ground realities.
  • Find your CONTEXT – your Reference Point of Life. 
  • Note down all the points, thoughts, explanation coming to your mind. 
  • Now just try to re-read all and see if you are able to find your present state of Being.
    How it see the world?
    How you perceive the daily life happenings.?
    Nothing to worry – nothing is right or wrong. It is just the present conditioning of mind. 
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