EVOLVE | Abundance Tip#5

Evolving is the Foundation Element for Personal Growth. It starts with Self-Awareness and finally leads to Self-Actualization. The Self-Awakening, Self-Acceptance and Self-Acceleration and Self-Realization are the foundations steps and growth phases which leads to Infinite Abundance and Permanent Happiness – The B.L.I.S.S.

What exactly is your understand for a Evolved Human Being?

Evolved Human Beings means an individual who are in continuous awareness of all happenings and understand their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of being. They have dissolved all patterns and programming of mind, the belief system and default mindsets by constantly viewing, reviewing and questioning the fundamental and foundational principles of life and work. They now live in the present moment, without any judgement, any bias. All their decisions, actions, and responses are based on the present ground realities, while they are constantly connected to their own Center – the Abundance Point – The Source of ALL THAT IS.

They are now in a state of abundant happier being when all their thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent and integrated to their purpose of life. The live the holistic life – the life of integrity. They are living and working not only for themselves or their family sake, but they are working and consciously moving towards co-creating ideal conditions, environment and eco-system for evolution of all others too.

The foundation attributes of such evolved individual reflects continuous flow of unconditional LOVE, unshakable state of PEACE and unlimited Happiness – the Abundant State of Being – the state of B.L.I.S.S.

The Source

The First Step

The Evolving Process is a conscious process of self-growth which starts from Self-Awareness. To be Self-Aware you have to EXPLORE you real ‘SELF’ – The Real You. The main point now is how to Start Exploring ourselves, our true identities.

We have lot many notions, labels, and belief system already programmed in our mind and a typical mindset is carved on our purest form. That layers of ego-centered programs, driven by fear-driven, scarcity based mind always stays ahead and direct our thoughts, feelings and actions.

The First Step thus is to diffuse that preset programmed mind.

EVOLVE | Abundance Trigger #5
EVOLVE | Abundance Trigger #5

The Abundance Tips and Triggers are pointers to THINK : FEEL : UNDERSTAND and ACT – take appropriate steps to start our journey for attaining our true nature, the purest State of Being, where we get stabilized at the CENTER – the ABUNDANCE POINT – The SOURCE of All That IS.

How to Start our Abundance Journey

Join the Abundance Circle – which Share, Serve, Support and Strengthen the process with collective positive energy and complete The Abundance Journey and start Experiencing and Expressing Infinite Abundance and Permanent Happiness.
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