INSTINCTS | Abundance Tip #9

Trust your intuitions more, they never misguide you.
They are the reliable inner voice, the whispers of your ‘Higher Self”.
Let your ‘Higher Self’ lead your Life & Work.

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Intuition is the ability to know something without any proof. It is sometimes known as a ‘gut feeling,’ ‘instinct,’ or ‘sixth sense.’  Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.

“Follow Your Instincts.” that’s where “True Wisdom” manifests itself.

It can be used as a decision making tool which always offer reliable alternative to your most complex challenges without gathering facts, information and spending time in analyzing the data. Just trust your gut feeling – the inner voice – which instantaneously guide you, without fail.

The more you TRUST your intuition the more empowered you become. This self-empowerment builds the foundation of Abundance & Happiness.

Knowing and understanding your Intuition is the most powerful skills you have, more powerful than your INTELLECT.
Do you have the skill of listening, decoding and following your inner voice – the instincts.

Follow Your Instincts, Intuitions are more powerful than your knowledge. Abundance Tip #9
‘Follow Your Instincts’ – Abundance Tip #9

HOW to Follow Instincts?

Listen to your inner voice. Intuitions means inner tuition. The ‘Higher Self’ inside you is directing you through these ‘Whispers of Soul’. Though most of us are not taught or learned the skill of listening this inner voice, but trust me they never lie to you. They are the best guide. Let you intuition lead the way for your life & work.

If your gut feeling is telling you not to meet someone, eat something or go to some place, trust it. If your heart is guiding you to quit – the job, the relations or the place – do it silently. If you listen intuitively and every time you feel to start something new, new project, new relationship, new profile, learn new skill, go for natural living, don’t wait or start reasoning the profit/loss, comfort discomfort scale. Just go for it.

When you start listening your inner voice – the instincts, you start decoding the challenges and arriving at the solutions easily. Your ‘Self’ know more than your mind. It knows what is best for you, good for your abundance journey and effective for your health, happiness and harmony in life. Trust it and never ever ignore the inner voice. No matter how lucrative someone or something looks, if you are not feeling good, happily aligned with it, leave it and move on.


When ever you feel confused, take a small break. Sit somewhere, observe few minutes of silence. Taking a conscious PAUSE will help you to understand the inner voice, clearly. A quite mind will be able to go beyond fear based programming, and leave the scarcity based mindset for some time. Then you will get connected to your Abundance Mindset, growth and happier side of you and you then find your potential possibilities clearly defined in front of you.

Intuition is the source of all (scientific) knowledge.

~ Asistotle

Be courageous to follow your HEART and Follow your INTUITIONS, they will always guide you to become what you want to BE.


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