KINDNESS | Abundance Tip #11

Happiness is the New Rich,
Inner Peace is the New Success,
Health is the New Wealth,
Kindness is the New Virtue

Kindness is like spreading sunshine into people’s lives
regardless of the weather. So in the whole New World where you can be anything, BE KIND. It matters a lot 🙂

The Source

Small Acts of Kindness are a great way to help others while also helping yourself. Being kind and doing good deeds increases your empathy and interconnection with others, making you feel happier.

  • Give someone compliment, Tell someone they look good, or graceful today 🙂
  • Share some space in public transport, park, & show you Care for there presence.
  • Salute a Uniformed Personnel, Shoe respect for their duty and service to nation.
  • Say Thanks to Medical, para-medical staff, Corona Warriors for their courageous services, during this tough time.
  • Express Gratitude for services received from courier boy, delivery man.
  • Give a innocent SMILE to someone.
  • Give Quality time to someone. Listen their stories.
  • Give help, some support to a needy person or a family.
Kindness | Abundance Tip#11 Keep Doing Small Acts of Kindness.
KINDNESS | Abundance Tip#11 Keep Doing Acts of Kindness.

Keep Doing Act of KINDNESS. It nourishes the Soul, Strengthen the Heart, Open the Mind and Energize the Body.

Where ever there is a human being; there is an opportunity for kindness.
Share Your Act of Kindness with all. It inspires many more to follow you, and to do more.

At its very core, kindness is about empathy, it is the process of being self-aware, aware of our environment and seeking simple ways to selflessly enrich the lives of others. When we start giving to others, unconditionally at the right time, it not only benefits the giver as well as the receiver immediately; it also nourishes the soul as it triggers the SHIFT our inner focus from ourselves (me only) to others (we all matters).

The act of helping others, by doing small acts of kindness, actually activates the part of your brain that makes you feel pleasure. It also releases a hormone called oxytocin that helps modulate social interactions and emotion — the higher your oxytocin levels, the more generous, more happier, you may be.

That’s the key for connecting with your infinite Abundance & Permanent Happiness

Remember: No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

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