ReFresh Mindset | Abundance Tip #18

To Refresh our Mindset, we needs to take continuous steps for Personal Growth & Professional Development. The easier and effective way is to Accept & Adopt the AHM Framework of Holsitic Well-Being. It starts from Self-Awareness, moves to Self-Development and leads to Self-Transformation

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REFRESH MINDSET | ReThink to ReStart Life & Work

Our Mindset is an integral part of how we Explore, Experience & Express Life.
Are we Evolving through it? or Are we feeling stuck in a rut or dissatisfied in any way?

Giving our present Mindset a ReFreshing ReSet Trigger to ReThink & ReStart and it can help us to Get Ready in a Right way to Find our Pure Passion, Purpose, Profession for Life & Work.

What does “ReFreshing Your Mindset” mean, actually?

We ReFresh our Mindset when we take a conscious step back from our current way of ‘Thinking, Feeling and Doing”. This is possible just by hitting the ‘RESET button’ on what’s possible in life. But there is a hidden angle to this old traditional ‘Reset’ method. Take a PAUSE & contemplate about that.

The AbundanceTip#18-REFRESH MINDSET | ReThink to ReStart Life & Work
The AbundanceTip#18-REFRESH MINDSET | ReThink to ReStart Life & Work

Are you able to visualize the flaw or the limitation of RESET method of refreshing life?

We all have applied the RESET method, done it so many times in our lives, usually when our Personal Computer (PC) or laptop start giving us tough time, either slow down drastically or sometimes even hang in between a critical process…. We get struck, helpless, no ways to move forward or even go back. We lose time, energy, data etc and in the process get anxious, angry, depressed and when we see no options left, we just hit the RESET button – or press the Control Alt Del keys simultaneously. We ReBoot the system to go live again.

When we apply the Simple Steps to ReBoot the System – The Present Mindset we come back to Starting Point and work again. But the important point is we are again on that same (old) Starting Point where we have been earlier.

We are using the same way, same process steps and same machines and expect different outcomes. #TFA Just Think – Feel – Act… everything same but different outcomes… 🙂

TIME is Now to FIND the RIGHT WAY to Explore Your Pure Potential Possibilities effectively, effortlessly. Join The MASTERS SERIES ‘BEING BLISS’ to Know, Learn, Understand not only ‘How to Unleash Your Hidden Potential’ but Time is Right also to FIND YOUR BLISS POINT

To be able to SHIFT your perspective enables you to live an entirely different life – one that is filled with positive intention, driven by passion and pure purpose. The SHIFT helps in transforming the way we THINK:FEEL & ACT to change the outcomes of Life&Work.

The Important and critical point is HOW TO GET THAT SHIFT. From limited mindset to infinite MINDSET, from Greater to Greatness, from Scarcity to Abundance, from Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary Human Being.


Realizing and Releasing our True Potential helps us to Get Better, Healthier, Happier, and Harmonious in Life & Work. Follow the PASSION & PURPOSE, the Meaning of Life and Work. Experience the Joy of learning & doing new things. Open for New Opportunities, inspire others to BE IN ONENESS. Help them Connect with the Centre of Excellence – The Source of Abundance.

ReFresh Your Mindset | ReTHINK the better Happier Way to ReSolve Life’s & Workplace Challenges. Time is Now to ReSet and ReStart Life & Work. Let’s Do it in a different way.
Let’s ReKindle our PASSION, ReGain our PURPOSE and ReLearn the new Skillset to Manage and Flow with the New Normal. Time is Right Now to ReAlign and ReLive – The Abundant Happier Life. Get, Set Ready to Find Your BLISS Now

GopiKrishan, CEo CircleX | Centre of Excellence for HoliStic Wellbeing in Life & Work

Believe in your Pure Potential Possibilities. FIND YOUR BLISS Now! Be You

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