Affirmations are short, powerful positive statements that we can practice consciously to give directions to our thoughts and be in control of our thought process.


Daily affirmations are simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states. Self-Affirmation is the technique to guide our sub-conscious mind to visualize and start believing what we say repeatedly. By repeating Affirmations (to our ‘Self’) we use to affirm, confirm, validate and accept the statement (judgement, declarations or agreements), which are simple statements that describe our life’s goal, our aspirations in its already completed state.

Abundance Affirmations are curated set of positive statements, mapped to specific domain outcomes and if we choose the right one, as per our focused attention and complete the process steps empathically with understanding, commitment and pure faith, we manifest the statement without fail.

Why Affirmations are Easy & Effective Technique for boosting life energy?

Affirmations are powerful harmony of words, rhythm and focused INTENTIONS, combined meaningfully with the power of faith (authentic belief). When we start giving them our focused and continuous ATTENTION, we charge them, magnetize them to attract the desired outcomes – positive energy from universe for MANIFESTATION of our thoughts (desires)

The Abundance Mantra

The Abundance Mantra (Abundance Affirmations) are specifically arranged words to harness the power of rhythm and initiate the laws of attraction – to pull the positive energy from the universe and gain power, prosperity, wealth, knowledge, love, peace, for health, happiness and harmony in life.


How to choose the RIGHT Affirmation?

As we know that our life is confluence of various domains, representing different aspects, attributes and dimensions of life. We can either focus on our primary need (depends on your preferred area of development) or we directly connect to the roots – the Source of all that exists. CHOICE is Entirely Yours.

9 Pillar of Holistic-Well-Being-in-Life
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Physical Health?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Mental Health?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Financial Wealth?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Emotional Wellness?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Social Harmony?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Natural / Environment ?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Occupational / Professional Development?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Spiritual Growth?
  • What are the most Effective Affirmations for Abundance & Happiness – Holistic Well-Being?

SO WHAT IS YOUR FOCUS POINT? The Peripheral Eight (8) Domains representing life, work and society or The SOURCE – The Centre Point – The Abundance Point. 🙂

The Abundance Affirmation:

Here are some examples of Abundance Affirmations that you can use on a daily basis. Pick a few that resonate with you or simply write your own version.

I create an Abundant and Happier space for myself wherever I am.
I give myself permission to do what is right for My Abundance and Happiness.
I accept and allow the Abundance to flow, in my life (and work too).

Stay Tuned, JOIN the ABUNDANCE JOURNEY and start receiving regular Abundance Affirmations for each domains. TAKE THE FIRST STEP TODAY and Be the Abundance Co-Traveler.

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