WHAT IS LIFE? ‘Life is a Journey’

Life is a journey filled with joys, celebrations and special moments along with some challenges, hardships, heartaches. It is combination of all that will ultimately lead us to reach our destination, achieve our purpose in life. Isn’t it.

We have heard, read and shared many times that “Life is a Journey, not a destination“.

Now it’s in our hand, either to enjoy the journey, while focusing on the pleasantries, creating new experiences in the way or keep ourselves busy, cursing, blaming, claiming or managing the luggage (the burden on thoughts, unwanted experiences and events already happened). The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges.

This metaphor might be interpreted to have either a negative meaning or a positive one. The negative meaning may be “There is no turning back” and the positive one may be “Enjoy the life

JOURNEY is defined usually as an act or instance of traveling from one place to another —- something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another, the journey from youth to maturity, a journey through time.

Now the BIG Question arise: Who Choose the DESTINATION (for me)? Who decides the PURPOSE in (my) life?

Remember – Life is the greatest journey you will be ever on. Are you ready to take the journey? Are you well prepared with what you might need in the way?

The Abundance Journey Co-Traveler


Why is this journey important?

“The doing is the process, often more important than the outcome.” Focusing on the journey also shines a light on what else you get out of trying to reach your goals. By setting out to achieve a goal, you’re forming new habits, striving towards something bigger than yourself, and imbuing your life with purpose…….

Are You managing the chaos in life or Are You Celebrating the JOURNEY?

Life is Becoming Happiness. Happiness is Abundance Expressed. (This is how B.L.I.S.S is manifested in various forms)

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