The Abundance Principles

ABUNDANCE is the opposite of SCARCITY. It usually describes the positive qualities, representing the state of being when you have something more than you need – an ample quantity available all the time. The point is what is ‘THAT’ thing. Let’s Explore to Experience and Express that which TRANSFORMS everything.

The Source

The Abundant Life refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy, contentment, love, peace and all that IS – the B.L.I.S.S. The Abundant YOU the real you is when you are connected to the abundant universe – the existence which is ‘The Source‘ of everything.

The Abundant Thinking is the attitude that increases appreciation and acceptance. Your attitude directs your behaviour, your reActions and responses to internal and external environment which leads to EXPERIENCES.

The Abundant Feeling develops your inner-connection and deeper relationship with other living beings. You EXPRESS what you feel, and how you feel is directed by your thoughts (mind).

With Abundant Mind and Abundantly Happier Heart you perform with your pure potential and create an Abundant Life & Work ecosystem impacting yourself and others too.

The only AIM and PURPOSE of life is to Be Happy and Spread Happiness to all.

A.I.M. = Attention + Intention + Manifestation

Gopi Krishan Bali

We all are INFINITE BEING and have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL POSSIBILITIES . We can create anything we want in life and at workplace too.   The only thing we need is to A.I.M for it with an ultimate alignment of Head, Heart & Hands with the Source – the SELF

To MANIFEST what we want we have to UNDERSTAND the Abundance Principles and simply follow the Abundance Process Steps. For UNDERSTANDING it you have to first KNOW & LEARN them. Once you Know, Learn & Understand the foundational elements the simple practice and conscious APPLICATION will yield the desired results.

The Abundance Circle is co-created with the INTENTION to share and serve all with requisite knowledge and CREATE an eco-system to support and strengthen the understanding by practice them regularly. 

The Abundance Club is to bring back our ATTENTION to what is important and crucial for Abundance & Happiness in life and work.  For this we will continuously share Abundance TIPS, TRIGGERS, TOOLS, TECHNIQUES and TASKS and conduct online / offline Sessions, Webinars/Seminars, Workshops, BootCamps and Retreats for easy and effective implementation of the process steps.

Stay tuned, join the appropriate level and the membership group and get ready to start The Abundance Journey. Be the Abundance Co-Traveler.

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